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When players use side chat, the name of their squad / group appears at the start of each message. The default ArmA group names (or IDs) follow the format "1-1-A", "1-1-B" etc. This is not very helpful to players in a mission which uses the standard CO Folk ARPS platoon structure, in which formations have names like "Alpha" or "Charlie".

The CO Folk ARPS Group IDs component automatically applies meaningful names to all standard groups in the CO Folk ARPS Platoons (including attachments). This means that when players use side chat, their messages will start with "Deputy Commander" or "Charlie" etc. This makes in-game text communications much clearer.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf
  • f\common\folk_setGroupIDs.sqf

How to use

What players see in side chat

When players use side chat, their comments will be prefixed by the following strings:

GroupWhat is displayed in SideChat
CommanderXXXX CO
Deputy CommanderXXXX DC
Alpha Squad LeaderXXXX ASL
Alpha Fireteam 1XXXX A1
Alpha Fireteam 2XXXX A2
Alpha Fireteam 3XXXX A3
Bravo Squad LeaderXXXX BSL
Bravo Fireteam 1XXXX B1
Bravo Fireteam 2XXXX B2
Bravo Fireteam 3XXXX B3
Charlie Squad LeaderXXXX CSL
Charlie Fireteam 1XXXX C1
Charlie Fireteam 2XXXX C2
Charlie Fireteam 3XXXX C3
Medium MG Team 1XXXX MMG1
Heavy MG Team 1XXXX HMG1
Medium AT Team 1XXXX MAT1
Heavy AT Team 1XXXX HAT1
Mortar Team 1XXXX MTR1
Engineer Team 1XXXX ENG1
Sniper Team 1XXXX ST1
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1XXXX IFV1
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 2XXXX IFV2
Infantry Fighting Vehicle 3XXXX IFV3
Transport Helo 1XXXX TH1
Transport Helo 2XXXX TH2
Attack Helo 1XXXX AH1

The value of XXXX in the table above depends on the group's faction:

FactionValue of XXXX
British Armed ForcesBritish Army
RussiaRussian Army
Takistani ArmyTakistani Army
Takistani MilitiaTK Insurgent
Takistani Locals (Independent)TK Local
US ArmyUS Army
US Marine CorpsUSMC

How to disable

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - OA Folk Group IDs

Edit the line below, adding // to the start:

[] execVM "f\common\folk_setGroupIDs.sqf";


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