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For players who miss the start of a mission it can be challenging to integrate them into the structure of a platoon. This is especially the case with coop missions, or ones which do not feature respawn. The JIP Reinforcement Options component allows a join-in-progress (JIP) player to select an existing group to join, as well as the loadout s/he requires (from the CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component). The player must then make her/his way to the target group in order to join it.

This component is designed for use with the CO Folk ARPS Platoons and CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script components.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • description.ext
  • f\common\f_JIP_addReinforcementOptionsAction
  • f\common\f_JIP_common.h
  • f\server\f_JIP_grpPicker.h
  • f\server\f_JIP_grpPicker.sqf
  • f\server\f_JIP_kitPicker.h
  • f\server\f_JIP_kitPicker.sqf
  • f\server\f_JIP_nearTargetGroupCheck.sqf
  • f\server\f_JIP_reinforcementOptions.sqf

How to use

Instructions for players

At the slotting screen select a slot that designed for JIP players (the CO Folk ARPS Platoons component includes at least one JIP group for each faction). When the mission has loaded, look for the action menu item entitled Select Reinforcement Options. Use the on-screen dialogs to select your target group and loadout. Next, get to within 10m of your new group's leader and you will automatically join the group.

NB If your target group is eliminated before you join it, the action menu item entitled Select Reinforcement Options will reappear and allow you change your selections.

Instructions for mission makers

The CO Folk ARPS Platoons component includes at least one JIP group for each faction, so you should not have to edit anything to make use of this component. However, if you want to make new/existing units use this component, insert the following code in their INIT line:

nul = [this] execVM "f\common\f_JIP_addReinforcementOptionsAction.sqf";

Although not required, it is recommended that you should also edit the unit's Description field to read:


Remember to replace the word FACTION with bis_us etc. (faction names).


  • When starting the mission, server admins must ensure that the AI is left on for the JIP slots.
  • Mission makers should place units reserved for JIP players in a safe location, and consider how top transport them to the battle.

How to disable

If you are using the CO Folk ARPS Platoons component, simply delete the following preplaced groups:

  • GrpUS_JIP
  • GrpBAF_JIP
  • GrpTK_JIP
  • GrpINS_JIP
  • GrpGUE_JIP
  • GrpUN_JIP


  • (zx64)
  • Nullkigan
  • Fer