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For multiplayer E&E (escape and evade) missions one of the challenges is knowing how to end the mission following a successful escape. To begin with, what is a successful escape? One escapee making it to the safe zone, or all living escapees? The Group E&E Check component allows you to end a mission when all surviving members of a named group are within a defined distance of a named object at the escape point.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf
  • f\server\f_groupEandECheck.sqf

How to activate

See section below.

How to use

In the ArmA2 editor, place an object at the escape point and ensure it has a name in the Name: field (such as objectName).

Still in the editor, make sure the group that you want to have as the escapees is named using the group command (e.g. within the group, every unit's init line contains a command like: groupName = group this;). Note that all groups in the ShackTactical Platoons have names already, which you can use.

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Group E&E Check

Edit the following line, removing the // at the start, replacing GroupName with the name of the group, ObjectName with the name of the object you placed at the escape point, 100 with the maximum distance (in metres) that the players have to be from the object to be considered safe, and 1 with the ending you would like triggered when all surviving members of the named group are safe (the component automatically triggers the Multiplayer Ending Controller).

// [GroupName,ObjectName,100,1] execVM "f\server\f_groupEandECheck.sqf";

For example, to trigger ending #3 when all surviving members of the group GrpPrisoners are within 250m of the object called EscapeBoat, change the line to:

[GrpPrisoners,EscapeBoat,250,3] execVM "f\server\f_groupEandECheck.sqf";


  • You might want to use the Casualties Cap component to trigger a different ending if all members of the escapee group are killed.


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