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For very large missions, or missions designed for special events like joint sessions between two or more communities, it can be useful to have dedicated roles for individuals responsible for shooting in-game footage and/or acting as hosts (admins). The Mission Observers component provides 2 playable slots that are invulnerable and have access to BI's excellent camera.sqs script.

Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • mission.sqm

How to use

How it works

Two playable characters are included on the Civilian side. Both are invulnerable, and can use the camera.sqs script.

Activating the camera script

An action entitled 'Start Camera' is available to the player(s) in the mission observer slot(s).

Using the camera.sqs script

Full instructions for using the camera.sqs script can be found on the Biki.

Exiting the camera script

Press Numpad-0 at any time to exit the camera script.


  • If you want the mission observer units to be able to die, delete this code from their init lines:
this allowDamage false;

How to disable

Delete the pre-placed mission observer units.


  • Wolfenswan
  • Fer