Naming Your Mission

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Before editing can commence you will want to name your mission by following these steps (make sure you have not started ArmA2 yet, and if necessary quit the game first).


Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • mission.sqm

How to use

Before starting ArmA2

1. Pick a name for your mission.

2. Before starting ArmA2, copy the scenario folder F2.Chernarus and rename the new copy YourMissionName.Chernarus (be careful not to change the letters after the '.').

3. Put this new folder into the location: C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\YourName\MPMissions

4. In the new folder, open the file mission.sqm and look for the line:


Change the line to read:


Warning: This must exactly match the name you gave to the mission folder in step 2 (but without the .Chernarus part of the folder name).

In the ArmA2 MP Editor

1. Start ArmA2, and open the scenario for editing. Do this via the menu options: Play > Multiplayer > New > Chernarus > YourMissionName (missions made with F2 are designed to be edited in native MP mode).

2. In the editor, open the Intel dialog (by clicking on the date in the top-right) and change the value for the Description: field from *** Insert mission description here. *** to your chosen description. An example might be: Clear the town of enemy troops


  • Use underscores (_) instead of spaces ( ) in file and folder names.
  • Use dashes (-) instead of periods (.) when including version numbers in names (e.g. v1-1 instead of v1.1).
  • Do not use the (@) character.

How to disable