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One way of encouraging players to stick to their designated roles is to prevent certain units from acting as pilots / drivers / gunners or commanders of specialist vehicles such as tanks and aircraft. The Authorised Crew Check component is a quick and easy way of ensuring that only players in selected slots are able to act as crew-members on particular vehicles. If a player that is not authorised to act as crew attempts to get in as anything except cargo (passenger), s/he will be automatically ejected with a warning message.

Additionally, the warning message has also been translated into English, Czech, German, Polish, Spanish, French and Russian (using text strings contained in the file stringtable.csv); players using copies of ArmA2 released in those languages will automatically see the translated warning.


Required files

All the code associated with this component is found in:

  • init.sqf
  • stringtable.xml
  • f\common\f_isAuthorisedCrew.sqf

How to activate

See section below.

How to use

Setting authorised crew for a vehicle

In the ArmA2 editor, select the vehicle and ensure it has a name in the Name: field (such as MyTank).

Still in the editor, make sure the playable slots that you want to have as the authorised crew-members also have unique entries in their Name: field (such as MyDriver, MyCommander and MyGunner). Note that all units in the ShackTactical Platoons have values in their Name: fields already, which you can use.

Open the file init.sqf and look for the code segment entitled:

// F2 - Authorised Crew Check

Edit the following line, removing the // at the start, replacing VehicleName with the name of the vehicle, and the array [UnitName1,UnitName2] with an array containing the names of the authorised crew members.

// VehicleName addEventhandler ["GetIn", {[_this,[UnitName1,UnitName2]] execVM "f\common\f_isAuthorisedCrew.sqf"}];

For example, to ensure that only MyDriver, MyCommander and MyGunner can act as the crew of MyTank, change the line to:

MyTank addEventhandler ["GetIn", {[_this,[MyDriver,MyCommander,MyGunner]] execVM "f\common\f_isAuthorisedCrew.sqf"}];


  • There is a known limitation with this feature: if a unit enters a vehicle as a passenger, s/he can sometimes use the action menu to move to a pilot / driver / commander / gunner position.


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  • Ricardo
  • eJay
  • Raedor
  • Rom
  • Fer